July 22, 2012

Can not print more than one copy on HP LaserJet 3380 on Windows 7

Posted in Tips & Tricks at 5:53 am by Administrator

A lot of people still use the HP LaserJet 3380 All-in-one MFP and now it is being used with Windows 7. Since Windows Vista HP provides drivers for the 3380 with Windows Update and no special drivers are provided (even the Universal driver is not proposed for download). However, one of the major and unsolved problems with the PCL5 driver provided with Windows 7 is the inability to print more than one copy of a page.

The solution proved to be quite simple - use another driver. Where from? Just install the 3380 PS (Post Script) driver and you will have no problems printing multiple copies.

Some people report problems printing selected pages - this is not a problem with the driver! Both PCL5 and PS drivers have no problems with that functionality.